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Bricks-and-mortar to virtual

for a much-loved institution

Planning for a larger scale

Ardkeen Quality Food Store have supplied Ireland with local food products for almost 50 years. They support local and stick to the ethos of 'quality and customers come first'. They have bucked the trend of ever lengthening farm-to-table distribution pathways. 

In their success, they looked to us to collaborate on an online leap forward. It is an honour to be a part of this process.

  • 48 years in business

  • 1300 Products for sale

  • 130 Food Heroes

  • 1 Connected system

Ardkeen Device New
  • Hara
  • Pesto24
  • Tastefully Now
  • Yogurtas
Photograph all the things

The better food looks in a photograph, the more inclined you are to buy it.

We spent hours in our studio cataloguing the physical products that went into the website. We created a clean, consistent light across a wide variety of packaging. The result is a complete collection of the finest foods Ireland has to offer in one space.

And almost every shot we took made us hungry.

Connecting the Dots

Marrying an online business with a physical business is never an easy proposition.

We worked with point of sale suppliers to ensure we made a correlation between the web and the POS system. Regular stock levels and product reconciliation ensures that what you see on the site is what is on the shelf.

Because when it comes to what you eat, nobody likes surprises.

Telling the food story

How do you explain where your food comes from?

Ardkeen Quality Food Store celebrates their food producers. They elevated suppliers to hero status and link each product to a person.  They have personally visited each farm and vetted each ingredient in every recipe. 

Crafted food is delivered by people who take pride in their products and sold by people who care.

Pulling it all together

Take a very established brand and apply it to new design collateral - easy right?

We handled an established brand with consideration and careful planning across all mediums.  With sensitivity, we added to the brand by making it work in a new way.

And the results are beautiful.

Ardkeen Ipad 2
Ardkeen Laptop
Ardkeen Ipad