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Dnm Cover Card

Developing and Creating

engaging content for multiple media formats

Showing Success Electronically

DNM wanted to breathe life into their new brand. As the brand became more focused, we merged two websites into one to reflect this change. 

We created the video and photography content for the site. Our video production team worked on location with DNM's clients' - UCD, Quintillion and Zamano. We storyboarded, art-directed and edited the client testimonials to follow DNM's vision.

A new innovative strategy and identity was born. 

  • 3 Case Study Videos

  • 15 Years in Business

  • 80% Conversion rate with Video

  • 150 Customers Worldwide

Re-development is simple

Showcasing the Basics

The DNM Group website existed as two different websites previously, both showcasing different services. 

We condensed and compiled this information to develop one website that represented the whole company. 

The website boasts a breakdown of DNM's most valued services. Visitors now view a beautiful and detailed overview of DNM Group.

Dnm Devices I Mac

Building by highlihting

Strong Relationships

DNM's relationships with  Zamano, University College Dublin and Quintillion have resulted in some fantastic projects over the years. 

In collaboration with DNM we shot, directed and produced three videos highlighting these projects. The videos featured one-on-one interviews with clients on-site. 

Our planning and storyboards made this process easy for everyone involved

Dnm I Pad Mock Up
Building by showcasing

Strong Relationships

The DNM Group's relationships with its clients are its focus. To highlight their history to new clients, they chose video content marketing.

Video is one of the most engaging medium for spreading a complex message. A dedicated section of the website showcasing video was the result. 

The complex was made simple. 

Project image in a mac laptop

Still Photography Captures

the face of a company

Photography can be a daunting experience for staff and requires attention to detail and a warm attitude. 

By creating a friendly and easy-going environment, we can bypass the stiff stereotype of corporate photography and move straight into capturing the face of the company: fresh, professional and at-ease.