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Consolidating and Supporting Strength

for an impressive corporate group

The road is clear

Working against technology from a business point of view is counter-intuitive and counter-productive. Managing many websites for a diverse group of brands is intricate enough without roadblocks.

We worked with IT and major stakeholders. We helped merge hardware and software environments for a dozen domains. This gave the Grafton Group direct online control of the companies they own and manage.

Technology now enables expansion.

  • 1000's of products online

  • 41 locations

  • 4 brands

  • 2 billion annual turnover

Grafton Group Devices 1

Assume everything is in stock

With a catalogue of over 150,000 products, how do you choose what to sell online?

How do you sell those items in many locations across the country? How do you make sure user selections are ready when they arrive? 

We delivered two websites that focus on the user, making it easy to choose, click and collect. We installed mailing lists, twitter alerts and sms notifications. We ensured that fulfilment crews across the country were notified accordingly and that customers always get what they want.

Consumer is the new trade

Arriving at a tradesman’s yard in a builder’s providers can be intimidating.

We crafted a response to this problem, by ‘softening' the approach to the physical front door.  We illustrated the easy-to-use architecture with an attractive brand. Customers can ask direct questions, and get answers from experts. Products are picked for their universal appeal. They feature in a timely and seasonal manner. All from the comfort of your own device.

This results in more virtual and physical footfall traffic.

The door is always open - accessible support

Support is part of the entire process, this is our mantra.

Like our clients, when we launch a project we get excited about the outcome. We want to analyse the traffic and search statistics. We have a vested interest in the success of the things we have built. We are familiar with the full-stack of technology used.  This means we have the perfect vantage point to keep an eye on things. 

We consult on tool improvements for the Grafton Group. This makes sure that the mission-critical cogs keep turning.



Waterford Institute of Technology