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ELJ 4816

A Divine Success

Everything an album launch needs - plus!

Back with a Bang

Neil Hannon recently came to Emagine with ideas for his 10th album. 

Bang Goes the Knighthood was to follow the success of the Duckworth Lewis Method’s debut. 

In collaboration, we fleshed out a concept for the artwork. The result is a brand that gave life to an entire marketing campaign. 

And a successful one at that. 

  • 649,000+ Views on YouTube

  • 8 Irish Chart Position

  • 2010 Winner Art Vinyl Awards

  • 4 Release Formats

The Design Process

Where do you look for inspiration?

We looked to our design heroes, the giants of our industry who came before us. They were our muse for all the design collateral and packaging format design. 

We celebrated a win in the 2010 'Art Vinyl Awards'. The album cover is recognised as one of the great vinyl covers of the 21st century. One of Neil's greatest musical feats, the album sold over 800,000 copies worldwide.

  • Dc Cd Cover
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4 Images 05
Montage Dc Full Wisth
Marketing Campaign
'The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about' - Oscar Wilde

We helped develop a marketing campaign surrounding 'Bang! Goes the Knighthood'. We designed a poster with no reference to The Divine Comedy, and plastered it all over London City. 

The ambiguity of the successful teaser launched a series of other online campaigns. The result was a Twitter frenzy that included the #banggoestheknighthood hashtag. Our t-shirts and badges even accompanied the band across it's European tour. 

  • Marketing In Situ
  • Reveal
  • In Situ 2 Copy
  • Dc Mpu

'At The Indie Disco' Music Video

Welcome back to the 90's!

Emagine conceptualized the video for The Divine Comedy’s single ‘At The Indie Disco’. We sourced and researched visual material to help construct frame-by-frame story boards. This provided a detailed blueprint for the videographers and editors to follow. 

We then art directed the live video shoot, in one fun, mad day. 

Project image in a mac laptop
The Indie Disco

The witty music video captured the nostalgic undertones of ‘At The Indie Disco. The video was a successful visual representation of the single and took us back to the 90's. 


Harvest Card

Waterford Harvest Festival


Ardkeen Quality Food Store