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Large Plans for the Long-Term

for an Established Third-Level Institution

Information overload

Often too much information can be as hard to manage as too little content. The goal is to keep vast amounts of core knowledge on hand, within the least amount of clicks. 

We surveyed the existing web real estate and coordinated an organised plan. We implemented our ideas across many departments in this large organisation. 

And now every page is someone's homepage. 

  • 23,000 Current pages of content

  • 100+ Contributing editors

  • 6 Schools with 17 departments

  • 5000+ Full-time students

Wit Award
Wit New Ipad New Again

Welcome to our world

We have a very happy client.

More courses have sold year on year, linked to the direct success of the website. Departments who had never received a phone call before now, are getting daily enquiries. A culture of participation has flourished within the WIT population. 

Staff members are now contributors and they take pride in their offering.

Market Reach

Look at the kids of this generation and you see mobile devices as their window to the world.

We made the site responsive to the device displaying it. This engages the main target market. More devices equals more people, which in turn equals more traffic.

Search engines like what we have done, and have awarded better search equity. The main business of the college - the sale of courses i.e. bums on seats, is up by a large degree.

A sea change in participation

When people can use their given tools, they can buy into the process.

Within a content management system, users need to spend less time adding information. This leaves more time to work on the quality of their content. They focus more on what is important to them and not on the tools they use. They take ownership and pride in their little patch of the web. 

The outcome is an army of engaged contributors to the website. The reflection of a busy college environment online.

Project image in a mac laptop