Emagine Type Challenge

Every week, the design crew in Emagine set themselves a type challenge.

In a few words, we take a few words - one phrase a week - and apply them to a design.

Often the words directly inspire the design but often other ideas drive the final product. Always we are surprised by the depth and differences in approach from person to person. We see that as one of our overriding strengths as a design-oriented agency.

The result is a friendly internal contest that allows us to try new techniques we might not normally use in our clients' work.

Below are some examples of this week's phrase

"Do or do not, there is no try" - Yoda


The thought of making it star wars based actually never crossed my mind. I wanted it to be a more applicable statement.

I spent 10 minutes sketching out a few roughs and the medal stuck with me. I love circles and I love flowing forms that can me easily manipulated to fill space and form balance.

I also love the juxtaposition of the solid, unyielding form of the Medal itself versus the softness of the ribbon.


I love movie posters so I started looking through new movie posters on the web.

A piece for Ridley Scott’s new movie “The Martian” caught my eye, I especially like minimalism of it and use of photography.

This is what I was going for initially with my design.

Great photos that I’ve used courtesy to NASA and Flickr.


I tried to make the typography as Yoda-esque as possible, playing on the classic green to make up for his one-colour silhouette, as well as creating the typography as bold as possible to incorporate the boldness of the statement… ‘Do or do not, there is no try’.


Inspired by “found” art, I found used reference images from the Museum of Neon Lights in Las Vegas to create the lettering.

I loosely cut out the letters I liked and complied them into a DADA-esque style collage.


Each week I give myself two hours to complete the challenge. I let the scene where the quote originates be my start off point. Yoda offers the words to Luke during his Jedi training, just after Luke falls on his face while doing the handstand.

With the time restraints I set myself I wasn't going to be able to render something super detailed, so with a nod to Saul Bass I created this piece. The dark greens are inspired by the scene from the film.