Emagine Type Challenge: A New Institution

The Emagine Type Challenge is a small exercise that the design team at Emagine set ourselves every couple of weeks. Simply put, we choose a short phrase or quote and let our creativity take it from there.


Why do we do it?

The Type Challenge allows us to try new techniques and different concepts. We can express ourselves creatively without the confines of a strict brief. We’ve no set rules about medium, size, materials or colours. Each week the designers present work that’s been created using pencil & paper, digitally, as an animated gif, photographed, made from household objects or anything in between.


Inspiration can strike at any time

With day to day client design work, a great idea or technique may present itself that’s not quite appropriate for the project that you’re working on. Ask any designer and they’ll tell you that an idea doesn’t care when it happens. I’ve lost count of how many doodles and sketches are in the margins of my notebooks, that were sparked from a phrase in a meeting, an image that was supplied by a client or a line of copy.

Diversity of Skills & Talent at Emagine

The design team at Emagine is a diverse bunch with a mix of skills, backgrounds, experiences and ages. For client work, this mix allows us to put the person best suited to a particular brief onto that project. It also means that the presentation sessions where we discuss the inspiration for our typographic pieces offer many different perspectives.

It’s always inspiring to see the the different directions that each designer takes when given the same phrase to work on. A bit of friendly competition within the team is good fun too.

To keep up to date with our creations, or if you want to get involved yourself, follow @TypeChallenge on Twitter & Instagram. Tag us when you upload your work, we’d love to see it.