I am posting this because my marketing person told me to...

I work professionally in the design and development part of the IT industry in Ireland. I consider myself a pretty intelligent, thinking and hard-working guy. I read blogs and newspapers and I listen to the radio. I also look at all of my current and prospective clients’ briefs and projects with a critical eye.

For our clients, we are always thinking of the end game;

  • What is the goal and what action can be taken in the appropriate technology to achieve it?
  • How do we do this within budget, and within the timeframe required?
  • How do we make it really creative, something we can be proud of?
  • How do we do it so our clients are delighted with our work and tell everyone about us?

However, we never look at your ‘own’ offering with the same point of view.

“The cobbler’s son has the worst shoes” is one of the most annoying and unfortunately correctly overused phrases in our industry. When you have a full production schedule of paying jobs that are interesting and engaging, why spend time on your own when it doesn’t make that much of a difference?

Precisely because it does make a difference.

We recently took on an intern to scratch a marketing itch we have had for a long time. Kevin’s goal is to look at us as a company from a clean and clear outsider’s point of view, digest and discern and help us plan.

His remit is to access the sum of all research material he can on us as a company, including but not limited to:

  • Our website old and new
  • Our Social Media
  • How others perceive us
  • Our traffic
  • Our sales
  • Our Markets
  • Our current clients
  • Our wish lists

He has started to come back to us with the cold hard truths we either don’t see or wished to ignore. The crumbs of plans past were swept under the rug in the name of ‘production’ or ‘being too busy’.

So I am posting this because partly he told me to, but mostly because it needs to be done.

Or was it the other way around?

Keep coming back for more instalments from Emagine and how we are transforming as a company in 2016. Better yet, if you have found this post, our analytics will let us know the best way to find you again the next time...