Keeping a Creative Company... Well... Creative

Running a creative company is an invigorating challenge. It is also one of the harder things to do in business and can be a sword you yourself can fall on. The flow of ideas on a good day is inspiring. But some days there is no flow. Some days it is a slog to get through the basics.

Breaking the routine

Keeping people motivated is important to running a creative company. We often find ourselves in any job with routines and tasks that take up a day. With looming deadlines, it can be hard to get creative with your work, and keep the head down and get through the daily chores. So we don’t.

We make a point of looking up from our desks and taking a break from the routine. Recently we have been doing a lot of Virtual Reality - looking at experiences together and brainstorming ideas. The future of that technology is inspiring and limitless at the same time. The small change and a break for bursts of creativity make for less grind and makes it easier to get through the routine parts of a designer’s life.

Managing our surroundings

Having the space to work has made a massive difference to the creativity in our company. I wrote [over a year ago] how we moved to our new studios in Waterford. We came from a small room where we sat on top of each other surrounded by block work walls painted beige. It was a good place to come from, but very uninspiring.

We now have plenty of space to work between each person, music in the background playing and artwork on the coloured walls. Plenty of natural light floods the meeting rooms, for the vitamin D we all need to get through the long dull winter of Ireland. We are a lot more stress-free in ourselves.


Everyone’s ideas count in a creative company. Everyone is an adult and have life experiences and training that makes them who they are now. We listen to each other and share ideas from all manner of disciplines. This is key to a good team environment and the ’think-for-yourself’ mentality makes it easy to add to a project in confidence.

Making a challenge

Which leads to the challenge of our work. We often talk about how each project is different and every client has almost completely different needs and aspirations. From elegant programming models to logo design across multiple mediums, our jobs are varied and can be difficult at times. We assume everyone will give their best, and ask around when they are stuck. But the challenge itself is sometimes enough to keep creativity flowing.

We aren't perfect by any means. Sometimes deadlines get on top of us. Sometimes we have clashes of personality. Often we don’t all agree and things can be heated in our debates. We consider ourselves to be a passionate group of people fighting for a better product. You have to be positive about your work most of all in the creative environment. If you don’t have a good outlook on the work you create, creativity won’t happen.