The End of Websites, The Beginning of Web-Sites

The Future is a “Site” to See

Web Development

Do you know what a website is? Everybody does. This is due to the fact that we have lived with them for over two and a half decades. We use them for things like information, shopping, socializing and entertainment to name but a few. In fact most people would consider hopping from one site to another entertainment within itself. We have become a cyber world and most of us are happy with the convenience.

But do you know what a website is?

Let’s break it down a little. The word “web”, implies the internet, that makes sense. The word “site” however doesn’t. It implies a space, an area, a location on which something is built.

Ok you could quite rightly argue that a website is something that is built in a certain amount of space at a specific location. It is. But can we walk around it? can we interact with it? If I do some work updating a client's website am I working “on-site”. No I am not.

Step inside our work...

In my mind in order for a website to be really and truly considered a site, we need to be able to move around it, feel the space around us and be aware of the environment we are in. To some degree, we can do this with websites right now, but only in a two dimensional context. We scroll through the space, vertically and horizontally. We quantum leap from page to page. Is that really representational of what you would call a site?

Website design has transformed majorly over the years. When we compare the sites of today with those of the 90’s we laugh at the simplicity we have left behind us. But have they changed enough? They still follow the same basic principles that they always have.

Read about the first ever website: http://goo.gl/WJjsmL

The fact is that websites are becoming stale.

Designers have been banging their heads off walls trying to figure out how to represent a site on a virtual reality headset. The answer is right in front of them, and all around them for that matter. Build a site.


A new kind of internet..

Imagine visiting the url of an online clothes store and instead of the traditional 2D E-commerce experience we are used to, you are taken to a store. A virtual shop that you can browse and pick up products in. You have never been to a clothes store quite as impressive, there is a fountain in the lobby. It has virtual staff you can talk to and get information from.

Imagine visiting the URL of your favourite band and you find yourself in their impressive practise headquarters where you can watch the band play some of their hits right in front of you. Their album artwork is displayed on the wall, you can go over and view it, interact with it and discover their entire discography in an immersive way.

Virtual reality headsets can be powered with just your phone, and the technology will only become more accessible with time. So maybe it is time to reevaluate the very structure we now consider the norm and leap into a new kind of internet. An immersive one.

Websites can become spaces that are designed to represent the subject, instead of viewing a company's information and scrolling through it you could step into their office, or whatever they want their office to be in a bright new virtual world.