The Year That's In It

Every business evolves from day-to-day by default. If you are diligent enough and plan well, you are in control of the pace of change and you make decisions. In 2014 we made a conscious decision to move Emagine forward.


We spent the last few years working out of Arclabs, Carriganore, WIT in Waterford and it served us well. We came in daily contact with many great companies, brave entrepreneurs and future clients who we work with still. In order to grow our team we concluded that we needed more space, and more importantly, our own space.

In our search we had some primary requirements for a new venue and the first and foremost was an open-plan studio. Our daily collaboration and conversation is the foundation of the way we work on any project so - "no walls and no doors" was our mantra.

Secondary requirements were the norms for any design studio:

  • big windows with natural light
  • handy location
  • good internet
  • and lots of coffee

So the hunt began and in the autumn we found a place which suits us perfectly. The previous architect's studio echoed days of design and drawing and creativity. We are happy to carry on that tradition anew.

We spent the best part of the autumn and most of the christmas holidays setting up shop at 22 William street. Top in our minds was how we wanted to use the area we had most effectively and what it would say about us to anyone who visits.

Cleaning, painting, buffing, carpet and flooring installation, scouring pinterest, furniture assembly, hanging art, potting plants, sorting networking, internet and routers. All was done in the name of making a new home for Emagine that we can feel good about.



And the result is nearly perfect in our minds. We have spaces for meetings, a place to eat, nice big desks that allow us to spread our wings, and some obligatory beanbags and a pool table. We have our own art and the music goes as loud as we want.

The added plus is the photographic studio, which allows us to pursue one of our original loves of making excellent images in the same place we design and program.


It is a place that is open but can be private, bright and airy but not glaring, away from the bustle of traffic and right in the centre of town - and all at the same time.

The new studio allows us to grow in ways we couldn't have previously. We have new staff in the Waterford office and this allows us to both pursue larger projects and spend that bit more time and love on our current clients.

In conclusion, it takes a ton of planning and execution to pull off a big office move. However if it is the right time and it will grow your company in the direction you want it to go, then the effort pales by comparison to the results.