Virtual Reality Has Arrived and We Are Part Of It

The Future is Here...

Virtual Reality, Oculus

28th of March, 2016. A date that when looked back upon will be seen as the start of something extraordinary as the first Virtual Reality (VR) headset with tracking was made commercially available to the general public. The “Oculus Rift”. Made by a company that Facebook purchased for a cool 2.5 billion USD.

It almost seems like a futile attempt to put into words what it's like to experience VR, but nonetheless, I'll try my best. To use a point of reference, imagine flying to Hollywood right now and getting into a car with Tom Cruise to play out an intense car chase scene.

So instead of watching something on a cinema screen, you can now actually take part and be there in the middle of the action, or go places that are simply impossible. For example, be inside of a video game, feed a dinosaur, or simply relax on a 300ft cliff edge while watching a sunset on Mars.

The implications of this technology are endless.

The Future is Here...

While we at Emagine have been working with VR developer kits for some time in advance of this official launch to the public, it's still a breath-taking experience for us every day.

This morning was no different as we installed the consumer version and got to see what the real deal is like. I personally felt like a little kid today as it reminded me of what is was like experiencing my first video game.

I remember standing in line in an arcade with 10p in my hand, 10p that took me a week to save up. The feeling of excitement as I dropped the money into the slot was with me again today as I took a spin in the consumer version of the VR world.

The tireless work by teams of people over the last 2 years and the millions of dollars spent have set the stage for the future of entertainment.

Given that we at Emagine are also part of this as we develop content, the 28th of March 2016 will be a special day in our calendar long into the future as we welcome the release of VR to the general public.

Truly, the future is now.