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4 Easy Ways to Market Your Website and 1 Way to Get Results

I have spent this year so far, diving in and out of different marketing tools and techniques. Only to end up with a headache and a million buzzwords rattling around my head. While the vast majority of techniques out there are valid. Getting results out of them isn’t an easy task. I wasted a lot of time reading and re-reading marketing content on the web, trying to figure it all out. Then I stopped trying to figure it all out and focused on what I had learned instead.

It’s all about strategy. The big picture. That’s what most of the content out there fails to explain. It is no good learning how to bring people into your shop if they can’t find the checkout when they are in there.

I have taken what I see as four of the most important areas of digital marketing, I am going to explain why they are important and then I am going to tell you what to do with them. It’s all right below.

Facebook Ads

While Google Adwords is still the most commonly sought after service of digital agencies today. Social media advertising hasn’t just taken off, it has blown up. Facebook ads are naturally at the front of this movement. The Facebook Ads Manager tool makes designing your advert campaigns easy. Almost always sticks to your budget and above all produces results.

Facebook’s advertising platform can help you drive people to your website, build up page likes, get people clicking on your posts and more. All of this can be done to great effect on a reasonable budget too, so don’t be afraid to throw a little bit of money at it and see where it ends up. One of our current clients has seen a return of over 700 page likes in the last month on  a budget of €5 a day. A return on investment like that is extremely difficult to replicate on other platforms.

More importantly Facebook allows you to target your adverts to very specific demographics. In the case of our client above not only have they received 700 page likes for their money, but those page likes have come from people within their target age range and from the area they believe their market dwells in.

To learn more about setting up your Facebook ad Campaign visit Adspresso

Blog Posts

Blogging is nothing new, it’s been around almost as long as the internet itself. In recent years however it has become one of the most important digital marketing tools. The reason for this still seems to escape most people however. Well let’s breakdown what a blog is from a marketing point of view. A blog is something that you regularly and consistently update, it is an opportunity to talk about whatever you want, it is chance to add some personality to the website and it is a platform to share links to your favorite blogs.

By regularly updating your blog you are in turn updating your website. If you choose to write about your areas of expertise your telling the reader that you know what you are talking about, as well as supplying them with useful informative content. Adding personalization allows your audience to see you and relate to you. If you share enough links to successful blogs and pages you are bound to get some links back to your content, this is link building.

A simple blog post can cover a number of marketing must-do’s, that’s why it’s so important.


Copywriting is often overlooked. Content is considered very important, so are calls to action etc. but how is the content being written? What is it saying? Are those calls to action as effective as they could be? That is copywriting. It is about the tone of voice, the language used. Think of a blog post as the content you are pitching in that big boardroom meeting. The copywriting is the difference between reading that content out in a shy stuttering voice, a boring technical drivel, or an exciting confident and relatable sell.

How you represent yourself to your customers is never important as when it comes to what you say to them. On your website the copywriting is what you are saying to them, if you haven’t written copy, you haven’t said anything.

UX Design

This one is often mistaken as designers job rather than a marketing skill. Yes it wouldn’t be uncommon to see a designer carry out the task of UX design, but when they are they are performing a marketing skill.

UX design is the about the user’s experience on your site. How they will interact with the site and how you want them to interact. Marketing is about studying human behaviour and using that information to increase sales. If you have an Ecommerce website and you want to increase sales, you need to make sure the buttons etc. are in the right place and flashing the right way to influence the user's decision to make a sale or not. This is marketing, it’s also design, OK it’s a grey area. But either way you need it.

Put it All Together

After you have set up the Facebook campaigns, posted your blog post, checked your copywriting and made sure your users won’t get lost on your site, you need to put it all together.

Post that blog post up on your Facebook page, the one that you have just added 700 targeted page likes to. Boost that post too, but before you do make sure that it contains links to useful blogs that may link back to you. Also make sure that it is a blog post worth boosting. Does it have quality content, are you showing off your expertise? Is it you talking or a machine? and is it posted on a page on your site that will tempt the user to click elsewhere. The products page maybe?

There is absolutely no quick and easy way to get your site out there. You could spend a lifetime reading about new techniques and methods. It is using the methods together to build an overall marketing strategy that makes the difference. Posting a blog won’t do anything if there is no-one to read it and your 700 likes won’t come easy without quality content. Even if you manage to pull all of that off you gotta make sure you are driving people from the content to the product, or wherever it is you really want them to be.


Kevin O'Brien

Kevin O'Brien


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