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Growing from the seeds of change

We have expanded our team and video production services

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Working in the contstantly changing environment of the internet, it can be difficult to keep ahead of the curve.  More importantly keep up with what your clients want. How do you offer everything, the 'jack-of-all-trades' without being a 'master of none'?

Our answer is to find the right people who are excel in their own craft, and bring them onto the team. 

The road to success is under construction

Ted 2
Ted Moran

In Late 2016, Emagine brought on Ted Moran as our very own award-winning video visionary. As a former director of Highwind Media based in Wexford, Ted had the drive and creativity to push us and drive our video work forward. 

We worked with the crew of Highwind on a variety of projects before approaching Ted to join us. We knew their work and admired their style. 

It has been a perfect match for everyone. We now have decades of movie and film-making experience, adding to our existing creative content team that includes: animation, art-direction, post-production, and directing. 

Scratching the video itch

We are a group of longtime photo and video-philes who love nothing more than getting stuck into a bit of image-making. 

This growth into a full-service video and animation department has been beneficial to our clients and their projects. It has brought value and diversity to our offering, and helped us re-think our approach to everything we do. 

Content, content, content

Ask any online marketer and they will tell you that content is king. Without good online content, no amount of Ad Words or cleverly written blog titles will expand your business. 

As our clients demand good digital content, we answer. 

Have a look at our new trailer for 2017

Aaron Jay

Aaron Jay

Rosie The Riveter

The Women of Emagine!

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Drumroll please... New video showreel is here!