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Wyvern Lingo - what if . . . ?

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Concept Designs

Two things I love are design and music, and at Emagine I get a chance to pursue both of those passions everyday.

Graphic design is right at the heart of what we do in the design studio. And music goes hand in hand with that. The playlist and albums on either Spotify or iTunes are in constant flow and all our creative work is soundtracked by an amazing score.

But where the two really come together is when we get to design for a musician client. Sometimes they find us, other times we have to pitch to them in order to get their attention and earn their business.

Wyvern Blog 02
Album Cover Concept Roughs

One band that we are particularly excited about at the moment is Wyvern Lingo, from Wicklow in Ireland. Having just finished a UK tour with Hozier and about to embark on their own Irish tour, we thought it would be nice to imagine a “what if” scenario.

What if we had the chance to work with them on their new album? What ideas could we throw into the mix?

Wyvern Lingo seem to be positioning themselves in the alt-pop space - a music genre occupied by some incredible artists that include, Marina and the Diamonds, Florence & The Machine and Lorde, to name just a few. All of these artists have worked with superb graphic designers and boast album covers worthy of awards. And while Wyvern Lingo have produced some creative designs for their two EPs to-date, we would love the chance to help bring them into the alt-pop sphere where their identity can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of them.

Brian Hickey

Brian Hickey

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