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Our Team

We are a close family of talented and driven people that strive to deliver quality and honesty

Brian Hickey - Creative Director
  • Brian Hickey

    Brian Hickey

    Creative Director / Musician

    Brian is the creative lead on every design project at Emagine. An award winning graphic designer, with 19 years experience in the industry, Brian has worked across all areas of graphic design specialising in the field of Brand Development.

  • Peter Grogan

    Peter Grogan

    Sales Director / Photographer

    A founding member of Emagine, as Project Director and Sales Manager, Peter is responsible for advancing projects from beginning to end. He is the initial principle point of contact for all of our clients.

  • Aaron Jay

    Aaron Jay

    Technical Director / Photographer

    Aaron is a project manager, programmer, and photographer with over 15 years experience in the IT industry. Fusing the technical and the creative, Aaron oversees Emagine's team of experienced developers.

  • Stephen Cummins

    Stephen Cummins

    Senior Designer / Programmer

    Stephen is a graphic designer with over a decade’s experience designing for both print and digital media. Stephen's broad skill-base covers a wide range of design and programming disciplines.

  • Roisin Dunk

    Róisín Dunk

    Graphic Designer / Videographer

    Róisín is a designer and videographer whose attention to detail ensures that the overall concept shines through as a project is rolled out.

  • Mark Coogan

    Mark Coogan

    Web Developer / Trainer

    Mark has multiple years of experience in customer support and looks after the realm of post-project customer relations. During and after a job is launched, Mark trains and troubleshoots with clients.

  • Tj Fogarty

    T.J. Fogarty

    Web Developer

    TJ is a web developer focused on maintainable and scalable markup, using multiple languages and frameworks. He fundamental to the development of our internal coding processes.

  • Emil Kogcuik

    Emil Koguciuk

    Web Designer

    Emil specialises in web design that is smart and engaging. Working for commercial success of our clients he believes is the most important part of his job.

  • James

    James Tubbrit

    VR Engineer

    James experience in robotics and engine manufacturing was his entry point into Virtual Reality. He has been programming in Virtual Reality full-time for the last 18 months. James is our chief Virtual Reality engineer and he works on all aspects of experience production.

  • Noel Anderson

    Noel Anderson

    Graphic Designer / Illustrator

    Noel brings a wide range of skills to Emagine’s creative team. His background in animation and illustration means that he is well versed in illustrative techniques from realistic to more minimal or abstract styles.

  • Valentina

    Valentina Schianchi

    Graphic Design Intern

    While Valentina’s background is in product design, her interests have been drawn more to the graphic design arena. With illustration being one of her core skills, she plays an important role helping to develop design concepts at the early stage.

  • Kate Photo

    Kate Finnerty

    Graphic Design Intern

    Kate is a Graphic Designer drawn towards conceptual development and the illustrative aspects of design. Her varied skill set make significant contributions to the design process.

Our Offices

Look around our studios and you will find specialists in branding, art direction web design and development, design for print, photography and animation.

  • Our Waterford Studio
  • Virtual Reality Roller Coaster
  • Our Sunny Window
  • VDub Bus
  • Meeting Space
  • Roisin
  • Coffee Break
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  • Sinner
  • I am steve jobs
  • Phone
  • Tour Virtual Reality

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