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NZEB Zero Energy Retrofit

Advanced Virtual Learning
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NZEB Zero Energy Retrofit

Virtual Reality is No Gimmick

Immersion leads to a more focused learning experience. How do you retrofit course curriculums, and allow integration with traditional learning techniques?

The Waterford and Wexford Education Training Board (WWETB) is the largest educational provider in the Southeast of Ireland . It provides a comprehensive range of services through over 570 courses.When a building has a high energy rating, it performs with a minimal amount of input. This sustainable methodology in turn helps save resources for the next generation. The WWETB wanted to compliment their existing retrofit training programme with Virtual Reality. They needed a cutting edge simulator to onboard their students.

Emagine collaborated with course curriculum experts. We then armed ourselves with an intimate knowledge of the learning goals.Together, we created a space to practice techniques required for a retrofit. In 3D, we imparted vital skills for the Construction Industry's future workers.

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