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The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge

The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge

The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge
Virtual Reality Experience
The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge

Transport Infrastructure Ireland and Wexford County Council comissioned Emagine to document the design, build and finishing stages of the New Ross bypass. This included the iconic Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge spanning the River Barrow. Also known as the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge, this was the largest single construction project on site in Ireland.

The initial project was a pre-visualisation tool for the design team. Engineers could explore the construction sequence in the early stages of conception. This was very successful to previewing any problems which could have arisen.

Emagine built the bridge in 3D CGI construction, to exacting detail from the issued plans. We established fly-through paths and presented camera angles critical to the team. We incorporated environmental data such as land massing and the curve of the river with google mesh information, for accuracy.

We impressed the team with the results. So much so, that they used the same models and flythroughs in the planning process. The team held consultation presentations so the public could view the bridge. Seeing the bridge before construction, they had a better understanding of its impact.

Conversion of the models to virtual reality was the obvious next step. In a headset, we navigate the bridge in a free-roam mode. This allows the user to explore the interior and exterior of the bridge in its final form. Progress can be 'rolled back' to previous stages of the construction.

We added other features to improve the process. A night-time mode helped visualize lighting design. This became invaluable to the project team. We added sound effects and traffic noise to the experience to further enrichen it.

The work included brand identity development, content strategies, and the production of virtual reality experience. We based much of the model on the Building Information Model (BIM) drawings of the engineers.

Our video and VR experience have been a huge boon to stakeholders throughout the project. The Government of Ireland showcased it at the 2019 National Ploughing Championships. They featured it at the 2019 International Transport Forum in Leipzig, Germany.