Biodiversity in Virtual Reality: The Wildwork Program


What we did

Immersive VR Experience: Bringing Nature to Life

Emagine's collaboration with Wild Work, is an initiative dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of nature. Our mutual dedication to community engagement and environmental consciousness has resulted in an innovative Virtual Reality (VR) experience that vividly showcases the splendour and intricacies of the natural world.

Our state-of-the-art VR experience takes users on a journey through the heart of lush woodlands and vibrant meadows. Utilising advanced stereoscopic video and imagery, we've created a lifelike, immersive experience that not only educates but also fosters a deeper appreciation for our planet's biodiversity and seasonal transformations.

Promoting Environmental Awareness: Videos and Imagery

In addition to the VR journey, our team at Emagine has crafted a series of promotional videos and imagery to amplify Wild Work's mission. Collaborating closely with various stakeholders, we ensured our creative output aligned with the educational objectives of the Wild Work program, thereby preserving the authenticity of their mission.

Empowering Educators: Video Training for Expert Trainers

A unique aspect of this project was the opportunity to train expert trainers in the effective use of video. This training in turn helped the programme participants collaborate to produce video content. Our skilled video team provided comprehensive training, equipping these educators with the tools to utilise video as a potent instrument for environmental education. This knowledge was then integrated into the VR learning suite as video hotspots, enhancing its overall impact.

Emagine's Commitment: Harnessing Technology for Environmental Impact

At Emagine, we are firm believers in the transformative potential of technology. Our collaboration with Wild Work exemplifies how we can leverage cutting-edge technology like VR to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world. We are proud to contribute to this initiative and are excited about the future of creating immersive, educational experiences that inspire positive environmental change.

As we forge ahead, we remain dedicated to our mission of utilising technology to create meaningful, impactful experiences. We are enthusiastic about the potential of VR and other emerging technologies to revolutionise how we learn about and interact with the world around us.


Cork, Ireland


April 30, 2023




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