Reviving Roman History: Diocletians Dream


What we did

Immersive Education: Diocletian's Legacy

Emagine, created a journey and a meticulous process behind our immersive Virtual Reality (VR) project, a vibrant and lifelike recreation of Diocletian's Palace in Split, Croatia. Our mission was to enthral tourists by transporting them back to 380 AD, offering an intimate and engaging exploration of Roman history.

Understanding the unique legacy of Roman Emperor Diocletian was essential for our project's success. Remembered for his establishment of the Tetrarchy system and the infamous Diocletianic Persecution, Diocletian's retirement and succession plan were unparalleled in Roman history. Today, his palace is one of the best-preserved monuments of the Roman period, a UNESCO World Heritage site attracting over 100,000 visitors a month.

Dedicated Research and Collaboration for Authenticity

In our quest to ensure authenticity, our team traveled to Croatia to delve into every detail about Diocletian. We collaborated with local conservators and several experts on the epoch to form a widely accepted historical narrative. This meticulous approach enabled us to understand the textures, patterns, and stone carvings unique to Diocletian's era, which we later replicated in VR to offer an authentic Roman experience.

Incorporating Lifelike Characters with Motion Capture Technology

To bring our virtual world to life, we employed motion capture technology with Irish dance performers, who expertly replicated movements of Roman figures – from the limp of an old slave to the haughty walk of an Emperor. With these motion data, we dressed our virtual characters in traditional garb, enhancing the realism and immersion of our VR experience.

Holistic Design Approach

Our responsibility extended beyond the VR development. We also conceptualised the brand and logotype for the venue, designed the interior's decorative elements, and developed a multilingual Android app to facilitate on-site management. This holistic approach helped us ensure a cohesive visual identity and user-friendly experience for all visitors.

Storytelling: The Heart of our VR Experience

Storytelling is paramount in creating an engaging and educational VR experience. We unravelled the historical layers of Diocletian's Palace, turning minute details into compelling narratives. This not only brings the palace's history to life but also enables visitors to gain a more profound understanding of Roman culture.

Emagine's dedication to authenticity, technology innovation, and captivating storytelling ensures an immersive journey through Roman history. Our VR recreation of Diocletian's Palace provides a unique educational experience that fascinates tourists, furthering our mission to make learning history an immersive, enjoyable, and memorable journey.


Split, Croatia


June 5, 2019


Diocletians Dream


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