Masterpieces in Glass, Creating an Immersive Historical Experience


What we did

Conceptualisation: Drawing from the Past

Emagine developed an immersive historical experience for the Bishop's Palace in Waterford. This initiative represents the successful integration of digital technology, historical storytelling, and architectural sensitivity, contributing to an enriched visitor experience.

Our mission was to create a compelling attraction within the historical Bishop's Palace that would attract visitors from the neighbouring Waterford Crystal Visitors Centre. The creative inspiration was drawn from a story of a Victorian girl and her scrapbook, an activity that was a popular pastime among the upper class during that era. This concept set the stage for our narrative: a journey through time, depicted through the creation of this scrapbook.

Storyboarding and Approval: Crafting the Narrative

An intricate process of storyboarding and animatics was carried out meticulously to gain approval from the client and Failte Ireland. We took special care to ensure the narrative was historically accurate, intriguing, and fit within the Victorian setting of the Bishop's Palace.

Utilising Advanced Technology: Building the Immersive Experience

The attraction's physical space was adorned with interactive elements, primarily generated from 3D models. These models were then mapped onto a virtual book and projected in 3D onto a 270-degree movie screen. Visitors wearing 3D goggles and wireless headsets were transported into a three-dimensional world within the confines of the room, offering an exceptional immersive experience.

Linguistic and Voiceover Considerations: Breaching Language Barriers

We handled all language translations and voice-over acting to ensure the attraction's appeal transcended language barriers. Our multilingual approach significantly broadened the experience's accessibility and reach.

Seamless Integration with the Physical Space: Harmonising with History

Considering the Bishop's Palace's historical nature, we approached the project with utmost sensitivity. We collaborated closely with the museum curator to make sure that our physical installation seamlessly blended with the existing architectural fabric of the building.

User Flow and Experience: Guided Tours with a Twist

We designed the experience to accommodate a maximum of 30 people per guided tour. We also accounted for the running time of the show, balancing it carefully with the need to maintain a smooth user flow. To optimize visitor guidance, we provided 3D goggles and wireless headsets, enhancing the storytelling aspect and making it a group-centric experience.

The 4D Element: Lighting up the Story

The room's 4D element was activated through interactions between small computers and the exhibits. We orchestrated the spinning of glass cases filled with crystal and synchronized the lighting changes in harmony with the narrative, delivering an exciting multisensory journey through time.

Streamlining Operations: Enhancing Visitor Experience

We seamlessly integrated our narrative with the established Bishop's Palace tour, with the tour guide also serving as the operator of the attraction. To ensure a flawless visitor experience, we developed a custom circuit board that enabled the attraction to start and stop smoothly.

The project at the Bishop's Palace in Waterford was a significant accomplishment for Emagine, representing our ideas for delivering innovative, technology-driven experiences while respecting and enhancing the rich cultural and historical contexts in which we work. We are proud to have provided a new, engaging way for visitors to explore the fascinating story of glass in Waterford.


Waterford, Ireland


May 13, 2019


Waterford Museum of Treasures


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