The Irish Wake Museum - History and Innovation


What we did

Unveiling Ireland’s Rich Culture through Innovative Technology

Introducing one of our most innovative projects to date - the first-ever Wake Museum in Ireland. We have meticulously engineered this experience to guide visitors through the traditions and superstitions surrounding life and death from early Christian times to the 20th century.

Positioned in Ireland’s oldest standing urban domestic building, a 15th-century Almshouse, the Irish Wake Museum is not just a museum, but a unique testament to our heritage. This remarkable project delivers a distinct opportunity for cultural enthusiasts to explore a central aspect of Irish culture, all through the eyes of an expert guide and underpinned by our state-of-the-art technology.

The Confluence of History and Innovation

Emagine has been at the forefront of the project, designing and implementing the crucial audio-visual aspects of the Wake Museum. The intimate space within the museum offers an immersive, poignant journey into the Irish Wake's unique customs, achieved through our precise, intricate audio-visual design.

Harnessing IoT for a Seamless Experience

Collaborating closely with our trusted IT partners, we have woven advanced IoT technology into the very fabric of the exhibit. We have exploited the power of IoT to facilitate nuanced lighting changes at strategic moments during the tour. This level of integration boosts the overall immersive nature of the journey, providing visitors with an experience that is not just educational but also deeply moving.

At Emagine, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. This project has been no exception. From specifying the hardware to overseeing the installation, we have ensured that each detail aligns with our rigorous quality requirements. Our commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience has been the driving force behind the Wake Museum project.

Bringing Ireland’s Past into the Future

The Irish Wake Museum stands as a unique blend of past and future, culture and technology, and life and death. Our contribution to this endeavour is a testament to Emagine’s striving to harness technology to enlighten, engage, and inspire. Experience the heart of Irish culture like never before at the Wake Museum, an unprecedented journey made possible by Emagine.


Waterford, Ireland


May 26, 2023


Waterford Museum of Treasures


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