The King of the Vikings, Location Based Virtual Reality


What we did

Revolutionising Learning through Virtual Reality

King of the Vikings is a pioneering virtual reality experience that is the first of its kind. This project was completely developed by Emagine in-house by our talented team of engineers and designers who painstakingly crafted every detail, from the branding elements and trailer videos to the narrative and soundtrack.

In the world of education, both experiential and educational learning hold a significant place. It is widely recognized that learning has the most enduring impact when learners harbor a genuine desire to acquire knowledge. At Emagine, we have fully embraced this understanding and sought to revolutionize the way history is taught.

With King of the Vikings, we present historical facts and stories in an immersive, engrossing, and entertaining way through the medium of virtual reality. This approach allows people to learn about the history of the Vikings in a way that is so absorbing, they might not even realize they are learning.

Overcoming Challenges in the Realm of VR

Embracing new technologies such as VR is never without its challenges. From a creative perspective, this medium is still in a state of evolution. This required our team to think and adapt ideas on a daily basis, encouraging our traditional scriptwriters and videographers to think outside their usual constraints.

However, the freedom provided by VR was wholeheartedly embraced by our team. We seized the opportunity to create a three-dimensional world and build an immersive experience that rewrites the rules of traditional filmmaking and design.

Immersive Storytelling: The Future of Education

Emagine's commitment to pushing boundaries in the realm of educational technology is manifested in King of the Vikings. This unique experience serves as a testament to the endless possibilities of virtual reality in education, marking a significant step towards a future where learning is not just about absorbing facts, but about experiencing stories and history in a whole new way.

At Emagine, we continue to innovate and explore new frontiers of technology in education, keeping the learner at the center of all we do. The King of the Vikings VR experience is our testament to the promise of immersive, engaging, and transformative education.

As we forge ahead, we continue embracing challenges, breaking new ground, and creating unparalleled educational experiences that ignite a genuine desire for learning. Welcome to the future of education – a future Emagine is proud to be shaping.


Waterford, Ireland


February 12, 2020


Waterford Museum of Treasures


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