Echoes of Sarajevo VR - The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand


What we did

Bringing History to Life Through VR

This project is a unique and immersive virtual reality experience, re-creating the pivotal event of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination by Gavrilo Princip. This significant historical incident sparked the outbreak of the First World War, a global conflict that drastically altered the world's political landscape. Even two centuries later, the repercussions of this war are still palpable. In our endeavour to recreate the assassination, we have developed a digital twin of Sarajevo as it existed in 1914. This means that we've used advanced VR technologies to meticulously reconstruct the environment and atmosphere of Sarajevo at the time of the assassination.

Recreating 1914 Sarajevo is a Monumental Task

Building a digital twin of an entire city, as it appeared over two centuries ago, is no easy task. To ensure historical authenticity, our dedicated team worked closely with historians and sifting through archived materials. This rigorous research and painstaking attention to detail have allowed us to recreate a virtual Sarajevo that is as close to the original 1914 cityscape as possible.

A Trust-Based Partnership

Our Bosnian clients, entrusted us with the task of narrating this essential historical event in a VR format. This trust embodies our firm commitment to historical accuracy, sensitivity, and respect for historical context. It is indeed a massive responsibility, and we are proud to shoulder it.

Cross-Cultural Engagement

To extend the reach of 'Echoes of Sarajevo' globally, Emagine developed a custom controller app, enhancing the VR experience for group scenarios. This innovative app enables simultaneous activation of multiple VR headsets, allowing groups to share the immersive journey together. To ensure a truly international experience, the VR content has been translated into several languages, including English and Bosnian. This multilingual feature not only broadens accessibility but also fosters a deeper connection with a diverse audience, making history more inclusive and engaging for people around the world.

A Historic Launch at Sarajevo Film Festival

In August 2023.  We unveiled our immersive VR experience during the Sarajevo Film Festival, in the very city where the assassination took place.

Visitors had the unique opportunity to step into a virtual world that brings the past to life. They experienced the events leading up to the shooting in an engaging and comprehensible way. It's a new frontier for interactive storytelling, showing the potential of virtual reality as an educational tool.

Emagine's Vision for VR

At Emagine, we are continuously exploring the intersections between technology and education. Our aim is to harness the power of VR to breathe new life into our understanding of the past, and this project exemplifies our commitment to this goal. This fusion of historical authenticity and cutting-edge VR technology signals a fresh wave in experiential education and entertainment.


Sarajevo, Bosnia


August 16, 2023


Sarajevo VRX


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