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The River Shannon: The Lifeline of Limerick City

Emagine's immersive VR experience that brings the historic city of Limerick and the lifeblood of its existence, the River Shannon, to life in unprecedented ways. Our dynamic team has harnessed the transformative power of virtual reality to create an experience that immerses users in the rich history, breathtaking scenery, and thrilling water activities offered by the River Shannon.

Limerick City, founded by the Vikings around AD 922, is steeped in rich cultural heritage and history. Nestled in southern Ireland, the River Shannon has been an essential element in shaping the city's evolution, serving as a crucial transportation route for goods and playing a vital role in local fishing communities. In modern times, this powerful river has been harnessed to produce hydro-electric power through the Ardnacrusha scheme.

However, for many inhabitants and visitors of Limerick, the River Shannon's splendour remains largely unexplored, its importance confined within the walls of history museums or glimpsed from the ramparts of St. John's Castle. Our virtual reality experience aims to unlock the hidden secrets of the River Shannon and highlight its continuing significance in the life of Limerick City.

Emagine's 360-Degree VR Experience: A New Perspective

Emagine's immersive VR journey takes you beyond the traditional perspectives. We have carefully curated three distinct themes: 'In the River,' 'On the River,' and 'Around the River,' each showcasing unique experiences of the River Shannon in Limerick.

'In The River'

This theme takes you right into the heart of the river's action. You can engage in exhilarating water sports like kayaking, surfing, and stand-up paddleboarding. We place users at the centre of the activities, offering unparalleled first-person perspectives amidst the captivating waters.

'Around The River'

We guide users along the picturesque riverside boardwalks, showcasing panoramic views of Limerick and enabling users to virtually visit major tourist attractions along the river. From breathtaking landscapes to architectural marvels, the 'Around The River' theme offers an intimate tour of Limerick's heart.

'On The River'

This theme highlights the strategic location of Limerick City, bridging the estuary and the expansive Wild Atlantic Way. We navigate users through the stunning waterways of the Shannon, unveiling its hidden charms and revealing its historical and ecological significance.

Enhancing the Narrative with Innovative Technologies

The creation of this immersive VR experience was a collaborative effort. Our dedicated team engaged actively in the filming process, boarding canoes and kayaks to capture the essence of the river from all angles. By partnering with a local Limerick sailing company, we were able to utilize top-of-the-line gear and draw on expert guidance, ensuring the VR experience's authenticity and quality.

We augmented our immersive VR tour with captivating 3D drone footage and interactive textual graphics during the post-production phase, adding depth and context to the experience. These technologies elevate the virtual tour, adding a fresh perspective to the stunning visuals and historical richness of Limerick and the River Shannon.

The River Shannon, historically the lifeblood of Limerick City, remains a significant and vital aspect of the city's essence. Through our immersive VR experience, we offer an opportunity to explore this lesser-known facet of Limerick, showcasing the river's beauty, history, and importance in a new, interactive format.

This journey, presented by Emagine, serves as a tribute to the enduring relationship between the River Shannon and Limerick City, while also celebrating the city's evolution. Join us in this unique journey and immerse yourself in the unseen aspects of Limerick and the River Shannon.


Limerick, Ireland


December 11, 2019


Limerick City & County Council


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