The Journey into Ireland's Maritime History: Shipwrecks of Donegal


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Maritime Traditions and the Spanish Armada

Northern Ireland's enduring seafaring traditions have shaped much of its cultural heritage. One such instance in our naval history that stands out is when the British fleet encountered the Spanish Armada. Despite their formidable reputation, many Spanish vessels found their way into the treacherous waters off Donegal, and the majority tragically never made it back to Spain.

The Spanish Armada's ill-fated voyage represents a critical point in maritime history, and through our project, "Wrath of the Atlantic: The Wrecks of the Spanish Armada," we aim to bring this piece of history to life.

Ireland: A Strategic Point in Naval Warfare

Historically, Ireland was perceived as a vulnerable entity within the British Empire. Napoleon saw it as a potential invasion point for England, leading to an increase in British naval patrols along the Irish coastline. One such vessel was the Saldhana, which met a tragic end during a stormy voyage from Cork to Donegal.

Unveiling the Saldhana: A Maritime Mystery Solved

Without existing ship plans, the reconstruction of the Saldhana was no easy task. We depended solely on a single hull sketch, which we cross-referenced with descriptions of the vessel and other ships from that era. This process has resulted in the first visual representation of the Saldhana since it sank in 1811. By providing a glimpse into the ship's pre-storm state, we offer insights into sailors' daily lives and reflect on Irish society during that period.

The Interactive Virtual Reality Experience

Our projects are more than just recreations - they are immersive journeys into the past. "The Wrath of the Atlantic" is a 7-minute VR experience that tells the story of La Trinidad de Valencera, a flagship vessel of the Spanish Armada, from its history to its ultimate destruction off the Donegal coast. Crafted with expert storytelling and stylised visual techniques, the VR experience enables visitors to step back in time and witness a defining moment in maritime history.

Our Virtual Reality experience, "The Wrath of the Atlantic," is available at the Inishowen Maritime Museum in Donegal. As Emagine continues to innovate in the realm of VR, we stay committed to delivering experiences that engage, educate, and exceed expectations.

For more information about our project and the impact we're making, please visit the Go Visit Donegal website and learn about TIDE , our initiative for transnational maritime history. Together, we're keeping history alive and engaging for generations to come.


Donegal, Ireland


May 8, 2022


Donegal County Council


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