NZEB Retrofit VR Simulator: The WWETB Collaboration Story


What we did

Unveiling a New Age of Learning

Emagine collaborated with the Waterford and Wexford Education Training Board (WWETB), the largest educational provider in Southeast Ireland. At Emagine, we passionately believe that immersive learning is the key to the future, and with this partnership, we've integrated Virtual Reality (VR) into WWETB's comprehensive retrofit training program. This innovative initiative, harnesses VR's power to offer a cutting-edge, immersive, and highly effective learning environment for the construction industry's next generation.

Empowering Construction Education with VR

Our journey with WWETB began with a shared vision: to optimise the learning experience by blending traditional teaching techniques with the avant-garde VR technology. We worked closely with curriculum specialists to ensure we understood the learning goals and could design an environment where students could practice and hone retrofitting techniques. The result? A realistic, three-dimensional VR space where learners could gain hands-on experience without the need for physical models or the generation of costly waste.

VR and Education: Breaking Pandemic Boundaries

The onset of the pandemic highlighted the importance of transcending traditional learning boundaries. With our VR innovation, we've made it possible for students to immerse themselves in their learning environment, irrespective of their physical location. Our VR model places the learner at the centre of the experience, fostering a focused and enhanced learning atmosphere that eliminates geographical limitations.

The Emagine VR Learning Experience

Our VR simulator is not just about visualisation – it's about interaction and experience. We have designed it so that students can make real-time choices, carry out tasks, and receive immediate feedback. This interactive approach offers repeatable processes that foster a deeper understanding of the learning content. Students become more confident as they virtually navigate the retrofitting process, better preparing them for real-world applications.

The Future is Immersive

Our successful partnership with WWETB is just the beginning. We're excited to explore how immersive learning can transform various educational fields, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Virtual Reality is no gimmick; it's a powerful tool that empowers learners and shapes the future of education.

In an increasingly digital world, Emagine is proud to lead the way in VR education. Our VR solutions pave the way for a more immersive, effective, and exciting learning journey. Join us as we reimagine the world of education, one VR experience at a time.


Waterford, Wexford, Ireland


May 18, 2021




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