Pioneering Virtual Experiences: Our Journey with Connolly's Red Mills


What we did

Emagine worked groundbreaking project with Connolly's Red Mills, a renowned, family-owned Irish company deeply rooted in the animal nutrition industry. Our partnership was driven by a shared vision of leveraging technology to overcome challenges and redefine customer engagement.

Confronting Challenges with Innovative Solutions

When the world was grappling with COVID-19 restrictions, businesses across the globe were faced with unprecedented challenges. For Connolly's Red Mills, it was crucial to maintain their transparency and engagement with customers, stakeholders, and professionals alike. Understanding these requirements, we offered a unique solution—immersing visitors into their facilities through the power of Virtual Reality (VR).

Crafting a Virtual Reality Tour for Connolly's Red Mills

At Emagine, we believe in harnessing technology to make the impossible possible. With the facilities of Connolly's Red Mills nestled in the South East of Ireland, our task was to bring this unique location and process to a global audience.

Our state-of-the-art VR experience provides a comprehensive look at their field-to-feed process. Starting from the moment raw grains arrive at their facilities, through the meticulous production process, right until the point these grains are transformed into high-quality animal feed - every stage is captured with precision and detail. This immersive journey is accompanied by comprehensive explanations and engaging visuals, making it not just a tour, but an educational experience.

Driving Change Through Technology

Our collaboration with Connolly's Red Mills underpins our mission to drive change through technology. Through the VR tour, we've helped them transform their way of sharing their story and process, breaking down geographical barriers and restrictions posed by the pandemic. We're proud to have provided a platform that allows for remote viewing and learning, reaching out to customers, animal owners, and professionals around the world.

Working with Connolly's Red Mills, a company that shares our belief in constant innovation and progress, has been an exceptional journey. We are excited to see how this blend of tradition and technology helps them in connecting with their audience, and look forward to future collaborations that embrace the limitless possibilities of technology.


Goresbridge, Ireland


March 30, 2023


Connolly's Redmills


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