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Shipwrecks of Donegal

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Shipwrecks of Donegal

The longstanding tradition of sailors going off to sea is a cornerstone of island life. The northern coast of Ireland is no exception.

When the British scattered the Spanish Armada, they limped into the waters of Donegal. Few escaped to Spain. Most lost their lives in the chilly waters of the North Atlantic.

Napolean saw Ireland as an invasion point for England. As part of the British Empire, Ireland represented a colony of unrest. It seemed a weaker target than mainland England.

Donegal County Council chose to explore this rich maritime history through Virtual Reality. As European partners, the T.I.D.E. project explores these histories and its effects on the people of Donegal.

Donegal County Council comissioned Emagine to tell these stories in Virtual Reality. We produced two, 7-minute productions that bring the eras to life.