The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge


What we did

Pre-Visualization and 3D CGI Construction

Emagine partnered with Wexford County Council in bringing to life the design, construction, and finishing stages of the N25 New Ross bypass, including the iconic Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge.

The bridge, one of the largest construction projects ever undertaken in Ireland, required precise planning and visualisation. We took on the task of visualising the design. Our team used 3D CGI construction to create an exact replica of the bridge based on the issued plans, meticulously constructing every detail.

The visualisation tool gave engineers the opportunity to explore the construction sequence in the early stages. This allowed them to preemptively address potential problems, significantly improving the efficiency of the construction process.

Immersive Flythroughs and Accurate Landscaping

Incorporating critical environmental data, such as the topology of the land and the curvature of the river, we established flythrough paths and optimal camera angles. This created a comprehensive and accurate representation of the bridge in its surrounding environment.

The accuracy and precision of our 3D models and flythroughs were so impressive, they were utilised during the planning process. They provided stakeholders and the public with a visual understanding of the project before the commencement of construction.

Transforming Models to Virtual Reality (VR) Experience

Further pushing the boundaries of technology, we converted these models into an immersive VR experience. This VR adaptation allowed users to freely navigate the finished bridge, exploring both the interior and exterior. We added a "roll back" feature to view previous stages of the construction process.

Enhancements such as a night-time mode for visualising lighting design and the inclusion of sound effects, like traffic noise, further enriched the immersive experience.

Emagine's Role and Value Addition

At Emagine, our role was not just limited to creating 3D models and VR experiences. We also developed the project's brand identity, formulated content development strategies, and ensured our models were compatible with the Building Information Model (BIM) drawings provided by the engineers.

Our work on the N25 New Ross Bypass and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge project not only served as an efficient planning tool but also added value for all stakeholders. It provided an impressive showcase for the Government of Ireland at the 2019 National Ploughing Championships and was featured at the 2019 International Transport Forum in Leipzig, Germany.

This project exemplifies Emagine's commitment to leveraging advanced technology to deliver precision, accuracy, and value in infrastructure planning and development. As we continue to innovate and evolve, we are excited to apply our skills and experience to more complex and impactful projects in the future.


Wexford, Kilkenny, Ireland


June 15, 2019


Wexford County Council


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