The Lismore Castle Experience, Unveiling A Legacy


What we did

Exclusive Access to a Regal Domain

Emagine, introduced a groundbreaking project at the heart of Ireland's Ancient East – the reinvention of Lismore Castle experience. This undertaking exemplifies our commitment to harmonising technology and history, creating immersive experiences that captivate and educate in equal measure.

Lismore Castle, the private residence of the Duke of Devonshire, has long been a bastion of mystery and allure. Emagine was granted the extraordinary opportunity to traverse beyond the castle's walls and encapsulate its rich legacy. Using cutting-edge drone and stereoscopic still photography, we curated a visual tapestry that paints a vivid picture of this iconic estate.

The Recreation of Lismore Castle's Exteriors

Our project's cornerstone was the meticulous recreation of Lismore Castle's exteriors at the Heritage Centre in Lismore town. Our talented fit-out team faithfully replicated the unique wallpaper and stonework exclusive to the castle, even constructing a front door that mirrors the distinct arched style of the original. The immersive environment we created not only introduces visitors to the castle but also draws them into its history.

The Augmented Reality Holding Room

The journey begins in our specially designed holding room. Here, an augmented reality (AR) experience highlights key figures connected to the castle through innovative artwork animations. This AR experience serves as an engaging introduction to the stories and legends that have shaped Lismore Castle's centuries-long narrative.

The VR Room: A Journey into the Past

Beyond the holding room lies the VR Room. Here, a state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) experience plunges visitors into a vivid chronicle of Lismore Castle's past. This innovative blend of technology and history allows visitors to experience first-hand the richness of the castle's legacy.

Touchscreen Technology: Interconnecting Ireland's History

To satisfy Failte Ireland's objective to tie together various regions of the country, we incorporated touchscreen technology. This intuitive interface allows visitors to effortlessly navigate through Ireland's intertwined history, establishing a national context to the local narrative of Lismore Castle.

At Emagine, we are continually striving to break boundaries in educational and immersive experiences. Our venture at Lismore Castle marks a pivotal step in our journey, encapsulating our expertise in technological innovation and passion for history. By merging past and future, we have crafted an experience that resonates deeply with our visitors, fostering a deeper appreciation for Ireland's rich and storied past. As we continue to redefine the boundaries of immersive experiences, we invite you to join us and experience the extraordinary journey that awaits at Lismore Castle.


Lismore, Ireland


July 12, 2019


Lismore Heritage Centre


Before and after

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