Redefining Workspace: KPMG - Platform X


What we did

A KPMG Case Study in City Centre, Dublin

Emagine was tasked with the transformation of KPMG's Innovation Centre in Dublin City Centre. KPMG, a leading global network of professional service firms, provided us an exciting challenge: to bring their office walls alive and create a captivating, memorable impression of consultancy.

Building on Heritage

The Innovation Centre, located near Connolly Rail Station, is rich with Dublin's heritage. Inspired by this locale, we adopted the Platform-X branding, creating a unique train-themed design that beautifully marries the site's history with the promise of future innovation.

Designing with Purpose

Our design ethos revolves around the belief that good design stems from clear thinking and the spark of creativity. We aimed to represent this Innovation Centre as a platform for delivery, a launchpad for great things. To create this narrative, we developed a series of themed scenes, each acting as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovative thinking.

Leveraging Multimedia for Impact

In line with KPMG's corporate guidelines, we developed three design concepts, allowing for a diversity of images and reusable animations throughout the Centre. With a multimedia approach as the foundation, our designs complement the Centre's sleek interior finishes, creating a dynamic and engaging environment.

The Power of Big Data

Our designs emphasise the significance of big data, the building blocks of modern society. We aimed to depict that economic growth can exist harmoniously with natural systems, and how creativity acts as the stimulus for any invention.

Elevating the Visitor Experience: An Animated Welcome

Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by a 3D animated robot. This unique welcome serves as an engaging introduction to Platform-X and the world of KPMG, leading visitors to their meeting points and a waiting cup of coffee.

Immersive Audio Design

We went a step further to enhance the visitor experience by composing custom music and sound effects. These audio elements help shape the storytelling, adding an extra layer of immersion and helping to bring our concept to life.

Collaboration and Efficiency

Our successful delivery was a result of effective collaboration with various KPMG departments. We managed our resources efficiently to create an array of digital products, including full-length animated shorts, looping screensavers, and interactive touch controls. These elements enliven the environment while staying on brand and on topic.

Following the successful national launch of Platform-X, the KPMG Innovation Centre has become a hive of activity, testifying to the power of our designs. At Emagine, we are not just transforming spaces; we are creating experiences that leave a lasting impression. Our work with KPMG is a testament to this ethos.


Dublin, Ireland


February 1, 2020




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