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Limerick Virtual Reality - Into the Blue

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Limerick Virtual Reality - Into the Blue

Discover the Highlights of Limerick VR

Using Virtual Reality to show the hidden in Limerick.

The Vikings founded Limerick around 922 AD. The River Shannon has always been an important part of life in this city in the South of Ireland. The early people used it as a road, a highway to transport goods to all parts of the world. It has always had an abundant supply of fish, and a source of income for fishermen. In recent times we have harnessed its power with the Ardnacrusha hydro-electric scheme.

But the River Shannon is also a hidden part of the city to modern inhabitants. Visitors to St. John's Castle might notice the river across its ramparts. They could learn of its defensive position to the castle, helping the castle survive to this day. But they go no further and leave their exploration to the museum walls.

Emagine developed a 360 degree tour to promote water activities on the River Shannon. We developed three themes: 'In the River', 'On the River', and Around the River'. These themes each highlight the benefits of the river in Limerick, in their own way.

'In The River' involves kayaking, surfing & stand up-paddle boarding. Extreme sports in exciting water from a unique vantage point.

'Around The River' follows the riverside boardwalks, with scenic vantage points. We even took in the major tourist attractions.

'On The River' highlights the strategic location of Limerick City as a gateway. Between the estuary and wider Wild Atlantic Way, we navigate the waterways of the Shannon.

Our intrepid team took an active part in the 360 filming. We boarded canoes and kayaks and satabilised our footage as we went. By pairing with a local Limerick sailing company, we got access to the latest gear, with the best guides.

We captured 3D drone footage and edited it into the narrative in post-production. Textual graphics complete the tour in 360 degree format.

Even as it was the lifeblood of the city in ancient times, the River Shannon is important to day. The result is a window into part of Limerick that is often overlooked.