The Courts Service Virtual Reality Onboarding


What we did

Emagine created the Courts Service 360 Tour, an innovative project that offers unprecedented virtual access to some of Ireland's most significant legal landmarks: The Four Courts, The Criminal Court of Justice (CCJ), and The Dolphin House in Dublin.

Innovation and Insight

Our team embarked on this ambitious project with a clear vision: to create an informative and immersive 360 tour that would serve as a valuable navigation tool for those preparing for their court visit. We meticulously planned our recce visits to these sites on different days, gaining crucial insights that guided our shooting process.

Overcoming Challenges

The sensitive nature of these locations presented unique challenges. Our primary focus was to minimize the presence of individuals in our shots. While this was not always possible, particularly in the case of the CCJ, our post-production team played a crucial role in removing and blurring out any individuals present, ensuring the privacy and dignity of all involved.

The complexity of the sites, especially The Four Courts, which consists of two main buildings known as 'The Gandon' and 'Áras Uí Dhálaigh,' required strategic planning. We carefully selected the best areas to showcase captivating views in our 360 images, maximizing the visual experience for viewers.

Respecting Privacy

Respecting the need for privacy within the Criminal Court of Justice (CCJ), we carefully designed a navigational tour that excludes the specific location of the victim support area and the location of the Jury rooms. This decision underscores our commitment to respecting the sensitive nature of these locations.

Engaging and Educational Experience

Our Courts Service 360 tour is not just a visual tour; it's an educational tool. We've incorporated navigational hotspots, informative text boxes in both Irish and English, audio voice-overs, and videos that shed light on the roles and expectations within the courtrooms. These elements aim to engage and educate viewers, offering a unique glimpse into these significant legal institutions.

Through meticulous planning, innovative use of technology, and a deep respect for the institutions we're showcasing, we've created a virtual tour that offers a unique and informative experience.


Dublin, Ireland


May 1, 2023


The Courts Service


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