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Masterpieces in Glass

The story of glass in Waterford is a history intertwined with the city itself. The challenge was to deliver an attraction in the Historical Bishop's Palace. The intention was draw people across the road from Waterford Crystal Visitors Centre. We drew upon the history of a Victorian girl and her scrapbook as the vehicle for delivery. The story revolved around the creation of this book, looking through the pages of time. The scrapbook was a popular pastime in this era for the well to do and was a natural fit for the story.

We created detailed storyboards and animatics for client and Failte Ireland Approval. Since the experience also involves the physical space, we included these interactions. We generated most of the content from 3D models, mapped onto a virtual book. We display the experience via 3D projection at on a 270-degree movie screen. This experience allows for a 3D effect on the room, using goggles and wireless headsets.

We delivered all language translation and voice over acting for the attraction. The 4D element of the room occurs when small computers interact with the exhibits. We spin glass cases full of crystal and change the lighting, in time with the narrative.

The historical nature of the Bishop's Palace required sensitive treatment. We worked with the museum curator, ensuring the physical installation blended in with the fabric of the building.

We based technology decisions with the space in mind. A limit of 30 people per guided tour was imposed. We considered the user flow for groups, combined with the show'srunning time. The 3D goggles and wireless headsets allowed admin staff to move people through. For this type of group, the technology facilitates the story better over a permanent installation. To that end, we sourced low-cost disposal 3D glasses for each visitor.

We combined our narrative with the established Bishop's Palace tour. The tour guide is also the attraction operator. We developed a custom circuit board to start and stop the experience seamlessly.

The 4D element of the room turns on and off lights in time with the narration. The musical mood aligns with the lighting effects. The user is also aware of their surroundings and the physical objects on display. These elements play a big part in the digital story, which we brought together in one.


We drew from a Victorian example of a scrapbook in the museum as our source. We collated all images and source material from newspapers of the time.