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What we did

Bridging the Past and Future with VR

In collaboration with Sagabok, the world’s leading publisher of the Icelandic Viking Sagas, our team crafted a 15-minute immersive VR experience that expertly combines old-world Viking history and cutting-edge VR technology.

Our VR project at Viking House focuses on the intriguing story of King Harald Fairhair and his unification of Norway during a period of societal and religious discord. By leveraging VR, visitors transition from mere spectators to active participants, living through the battles, customs, and political challenges of the era.

Crafting the Viking Narrative

Our team at Emagine, alongside Sagabok and historical archivists well-versed in the Viking Sagas, developed the historical narrative for this immersive 15-minute VR experience. We created a rich tapestry of a tumultuous time in Viking history, highlighting the societal fractures, the clash of religions, and the rise of Christianity over the 'Old Gods' of the Norsemen. The script writing process was a fine balance between historical accuracy and engaging storytelling.

Enhancing the User Experience

To further enrich the visitor experience, we recommended engaging a Viking re-enactor. Prior to the VR experience, this re-enactor guides visitors through Norway's Viking history, setting the context before visitors don the VR headsets.

Seamless Show Operations

Recognising the importance of seamless operation, we developed a custom tablet app for the venue operators. This Android app facilitates the simultaneous start of the VR show for all headsets, allowing for synchronicity of viewing and language selection. The app also gathers anonymous data on visitor numbers and language use, proving invaluable for monitoring the attraction's performance and planning future improvements.

Multilingual Narration

At Emagine, we understand the power of language in creating immersive experiences. Hence, we engaged voice actors for the English version of the VR experience and produced Norwegian, German, and Spanish versions on-site in Norway.

Creating Authentic Battle Scenes

The authenticity of the battle scenes was crucial. Drone footage and LIDAR technologies captured the physical environment of Hafrsfjord, the site of the pivotal battle. Combined with Google mesh data, this formed the backdrop for the epic battle scene in the VR experience.

Collaboration for Realism

We collaborated with a Viking re-enactment group in Stavanger to ensure realistic movement. Using motion capture technology, we captured human movements such as striking, blocking, and dying, which were then overlaid onto our custom CGI characters.

Honouring Tradition and Accuracy

At Emagine, we respect the rich traditions of the Norwegian people. For this project, our CGI characters were dressed in traditional Norwegian attire. We worked closely with local artists and historians to ensure historical authenticity, recognising the fierce pride that Norwegians take in their history.

Since its inauguration, Viking House has emerged as one of the must-visit attractions for tourists. Emagine's 15-minute VR experience seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with deep-rooted history, providing an efficient, engaging, and memorable slice of Norwegian history to visitors. This project exemplifies Emagine's commitment to leveraging VR technology for innovative, educational, and immersive experiences.


Stavanger, Norway


January 9, 2019


Viking House


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