The Irish Museum of Time, Transforming the Museum Experience


What we did

A Masterstroke of Multimedia Integration

Emagine's innovative approach to multimedia integration has profoundly transformed the visitor experience at the Horological Museum.

From holographic recreations to IoT-driven interactive exhibits, Emagine's cutting-edge technology has brought the museum's rich history of horology to life, creating an immersive, enlightening, and memorable journey for all visitors.

Holography Breathes Life into History

Embracing the potential of holographic technology, we worked in tandem with local artists and actors to breathe life into history. Our meticulous reimagining of a historical watch repair shop, complete with a holographic shopkeeper, invites visitors to step back in time, immersing them in the sights, sounds, and atmospheric charm of a bygone era.

Showcasing Rarity Through Holographic Photography

To highlight the exquisite detail and rarity of the museum's collection, we incorporated the power of holographic photography. By offering a three-dimensional perspective of the timepieces, this innovative approach unveils the complex craftsmanship and the stories behind each piece, creating a compelling visual narrative that resonates with visitors.

Touch-Screen Table: An Interactive Journey Through Time

The fusion of IoT programming and bespoke, touch-screen technology in our uniquely crafted interactive table allows visitors to trace the vast influence of Irish clock and watchmakers across the island. Through our use of custom lighting and intuitive user interaction, we have transformed data into an engaging story of Ireland’s horological heritage.

Establishing a Resonant Brand Identity

Understanding the crucial role of branding in shaping the museum’s identity and visitor resonance, Emagine has developed a brand that reflects the institution's unique blend of rich history, dedication to horological craftsmanship, and commitment to engaging learning experiences. Our team has built a brand narrative that forges a lasting connection between the museum and its audience.

Engaging Visitors from the First Step

To set the stage for the journey ahead, we've produced a custom promotional and introductory video that greets visitors at the museum’s entrance. This professionally crafted piece provides a captivating teaser and warm welcome, creating a rich context for the immersive exploration within the museum.

At Emagine, we are immensely proud of our role in revolutionising the Horological Museum experience. Our blend of technology and storytelling has redefined the visitor journey, turning it into an engaging exploration of history, craftsmanship, and innovation. As we continue to advance in our field to deliver impactful and immersive experiences these ideas remain at the heart of all we do.


Waterford, Ireland



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