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The Irish Museum of Time

Virtual Reality
in Ireland's only Horological Museum
The Irish Museum of Time

The Irish Museum of Time is the product of a very large private collection, donated to the WCCC. The exhibition is complex, with different types of physical clocks on display.

Emagine's brief fell into two strands. Showing the physical part of the exhibition and also in its interpretation. Timepieces are a wonder, and the most advanced technological pieces of the day. Many of the innovations on display were at the absolute cutting-edge of their time.

We echoed this spirit of inventiveness with our installation. Emagine delivered the inner workings of timepieces through holographic movies. This was a combination of 360-degree photogrammetry techniques, combined in the computer. the outcome was a holographic view in 3D, on a screen of the inner workings of a timepiece on display.

Added to the holograms was a custom touch-screen table. We surrounded a map of Ireland with watches from each region. The touch screen app allows users to pick a region of their choice. We illustrate the relevant story of each watchmaker through a series of animations. Added to this are physical lights that highlight the area of interest.

Emagine also produced an Android based app that plays the songs of a very rare and fragile music box. We recorded this music on site and mastered it in our sound studio. Combined with video of the inner workings of this rare piece, it acts as a focal point of interest in the museum.

Finally, Emagine filmed a watchmaker on green screen. Our actor delivers a welcome to visitors to his shop, in period costume. This holographic panel resides in the authentic fitted-out workspace.

It is in the varied technologies we combine in the Irish Museum of Time that makes it special. This is a most rare collection. Our expertise in delivering cutting-edge audio-visual presentations adds to its uniqueness.